Aapo huhta

Aapo was born in Haapajärvi, Finland in 1985. He holds a BA in photography from the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts and is currently studying for his MA in photography at the Aalto University of Arts and Design, Helsinki Finland. Aapo shoots portraits and reportages for various magazines and works on his own photo projects. He received the award of the Finnish Young Photo Journalist of the Year 2011. In 2014 Aapo was selected as one of the Top 30 Under 30 photographers by Magnum Photos.

Helsinki Street by Aapo

Aleksi Poutanen

Aleksi is a freelancer based in Helsinki  and a founding member of the Helsinki Street. He has graduated as a graphic designer from the Kuopio Academy of Design.

Helsinki Street by Aleksi

Anne Vatén

Anne is a photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. She likes bicycles, trees, public saunas, evening sun and dérive.

Helsinki Street by Anne

Antti Verkasalo

Antti (born 1981) is a Helsinki based photographer, working as a press photographer for several  magazines. He has published a photo a day since 1.7.2009 for the photoblog  of  www.blipfoto.com/andreasone. For Antti, street photography is composing the surrounding chaos into a peaceful composition. Street photography brings adventure into everyday life and it is a good way to train your photographic senses. “You just need to have a camera always with you.” says Antti.

Helsinki Street by Antti

Antti Vettenranta

Antti (b. 1976) is a staff photographer based in Helsinki, working in one of the biggest customer magazine companies in Finland.

“As a streetphotographer I´m an eyewitness of everyday life. Camera is just an excuse to meet interesting people. In fact, I call them friends of mine.”

Helsinki Street by Antti

Benjamin Suomela

Benjamin (b.1988) is a photojournalist based in Helsinki, Finland. He has an interest in portrait photography and documenting human rights issues. Dislikes fake people and gets inspired by real people. Walking, biking and traveling are the most fulfilling things in life. He is contributing photographer for many daily newspapers and is available for assignments in Finland, Scandinavia and internationally.

Helsinki Street by Benjamin

Emiliano Verrocchio

Emiliano (born in 1975) is an Italian freelance self-taught photographer, working in London but homesick of Finland.
He moved away from Italy in 2000 and lived in the gloomy North West of England for almost 7 years before realising that Finland existed. Spent 4 great years in the Finnish capital and loved every single corner of it, photographing all things, beauties and familiar places, watched with the eye of a tourist/Suomi lover. Currently very bored of London’s lifestyle and embarassing “art scene”, he keeps dreaming of coming back to his beloved Finland, one day.

Helsinki Street by Emiliano

Evelin Kask

Evelin (b.1989) is a Helsinki based photojournalist. “Observing street life comes much more interesting through photography. I notice myself having a whole different level of focus and curiosity when wondering through the city.” She has recently found her inner street photographer especially via Instagram.

Helsinki Street by Evelin
Instagram: evelinkask

Filippo Zambon

Filippo was born in Firenze in 1981. He moved to Helsinki in 2006 where he graduated as MfA in Kuvataideakatemia in 2014.
Since then he walks around the streets of the world photographing basically everything and trying to give a sense to his existence.
Street photography is his true love and helps him also to lose weight.

Helsinki Street by Filippo

Hannu a. Jebens

Hannu (b. 1980) is an architect, designer and freelance-photographer currently living in Helsinki. He likes documenting uncommon places and situations. For him Helsinki is a multifaceted city providing a lot of inspiration and a certain kind of athmosphere for his subjects.

Helsinki Street by Hannu

Heidi Piiroinen

Heidi is Helsinki based press photographer working for the biggest daily in Nordic countries, Helsingin Sanomat. She has taken Press Photo of the Year in 2009 and 2013.

Helsinki Street by Heidi

HeiKKI Lindgren

Heikki (b.1976) is a photo enthusiast and a freelance photographer from Helsinki. For him street photography is a way to reflect moments and quirky details and capture human presence in compositions. Sometimes for a heartbeat all the pieces fall together and form a meaning.

Helsinki Street by Heikki

Ilya Shtutsa

Ilya Shutsa is a street photographer from Saint-Petersburg and a member of the Observe collective. At the age of 12 Ilya, a kid living in Khabarovsk (the far East of Russia) got his first camera, a simple Smena 8m manufactured by the legendary Lomo production house. Ilya was eager to capture his surroundings with his new toy.

Ilya´s interest in photography faded until 20 years later he became inspired by digital photography.  He recalls an article on a photography magazine written by Matt Stuart, Nick Turpin and David Solomons gave him the final spark and made him realise what cameras are intended for.

Helsinki Street by Ilya


Jaakko is a Helsinki-based advertising creative and amateur photographer who likes to seek and find. He thinks street photography is no different from his other passions, fly fishing and mushroom picking. They’re all about moving in an interesting environment, making observations and, every now and then, getting lucky.

Helsinki Street by Jaakko

Jetro Stavén

Jetro is a 24-year-old photographer currently living in Hyvinkää, Finland. He just graduated from Pekka Halonen’s Academy and is now working as a freelancer. Jetro is a happy person with full of life and has a really active lifestyle. Jetro is a lifelong skateboarder and also has multiple other hobbies. But above all Jetro’s life revolves around photography. He simply loves to photograph. He also photographs almost everything: For work he photographs everything from newspaper photographs and band pictures to weddings and other events. In free time he photographs mainly skateboarding, hardcore punk shows and street photographs. But street photography is something Jetro has only recently developed a real inspiration for. He just likes to explore out in the streets documenting moments, people and details he finds interesting. His style to photograph is very impulsive as he gets easily inspired. He photographs mostly in Hyvinkää but also in many other cities in Finland as he travels quite a lot.

Helsinki Street by Jetro

Loïc Sans

Loïc is a French freelance digital designer based in Helsinki. His passion for street photography came naturally, as he likes observing and documenting his surrounding and trying to find beauty in everyday ordinary moments.

Helsinki Street by Loïc


Jukka Tilus

Jukka (born in 1980) is a street and documentary photographer currently living in Vantaa Finland. He takes pictures of people and places and fragments of everyday life.

Helsinki Street by Jukka


Juhani (born in 1952), an amateur photographer living in Helsinki,  likes to shoot streetlife, sports and nature. He is fond of pictures that tell a story, preferably with humour.

Helsinki Street by Juhani
Juhani on Flickr

Jussi Pöllänen

Jussi, a metal worker on weekdays, turns into a street photographer at weekends. His hobby is relatively young but passionate.

Helsinki Street by Jussi


Marko (born 1976) has a day job on IT. He is a photography enthusiast who loves to shoot on streets, capture band promo pics and write about design, photographing and beautiful things in life. Marko is available for assignments in Southern Finland.

Helsinki Street by Marko

Marianna Anzelmo

Marianna is an environmental biologist with a strong passion for street photography. In love with nordic countries and with masterpieces of Erwitt and Jorgensen, she is the same curious when she look through the lens of a microscope to discover how fascinating is nature as when she is in the street, trying to capture with her camera how richly varied and unexpected is life around her. In every shot, she approaches to the composition by instinct, walking along the swarming streets, wondering, getting lost and then seeing things, moments, revealing themselves.

Helsinki Street by Marianna

Meeri Utti

Meeri (b. 1977) is a Helsinki based photographer. She captures everyday moments that catch her eye on the streets of Helsinki.

Helsinki Street by Meeri

Merja Salo

Merja is an old and weary Helsinki lady who rides almost every day the one and same route. First tram number 10 to the Opera house, then tram number 8 to Arabia, where she teaches history and theory of photography at Aalto ARTS.  In her rather boring academic life she may, though, occasionally see something interesting and dig her camera from her handbag. Very often interesting to her means cars. In 2011 she published Carscapes, a photo book depicting the effects that cars have in our landscape. Merja Salo´s previous publications include a book about photojournalism (Imageware, 2000) and the history of Finnish fashion photography (Muodin ikuistajat, 2005). She has been a professor of photography since 1994 and before that she worked as a journalist and photographer.

Helsinki Street by Merja

Mikka Pirinen

Miikka is a Helsinki based photojournalist, commercial photographer and an occasional street photographer. He has been awarded for his photojournalism in Finland and France and held one solo exhibition of his street photography in Helsinki. Street photography has got him in to a fight on the street.

Helsinki Street by Miikka

Reetta Martikainen

Reetta (b. 1979) is Helsinki based graphic designer, who has passion for cities, photographing and urban coincidences. For her observing streets is more or less observing humanity.

Helsinki Street by Reetta


René (born 1985) is an enthusiastic amateur photographer from Helsinki, Finland. He tries to capture unusual situations and moments with humour.

Helsinki Street by René


Sakari (born 1961) is a photographer and a writer. He has worked as a freelance photographer for Helsinki City Museum since 1999. His first book, crime novel, was published in February 2014. He like to walk around the city and look at it like parents are watching their kids; curious and with love, but little bit worried.

Helsinki Street by Sakari

Sami Kero

Sami, photographer at daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, is one of the founders of the Helsinki Street.

“This is not a project about the city of Helsinki neither about cultivating abandoned legacy of street photography. It´s about seeing: street photography expands your senses. But then again I think that the point of street photography is that there is no point. It is absolute waste of time. And that’s the reason why I love it.”

Helsinki Street by Sami


Sami, (b.1985), a photojournalist based in Finland, seeks unusual and unexpected events in his street photography. At the moment mr Kilpiö works for Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest daily in Nordic countries.

Helsinki Street by Sami

Tenho Mikkolainen

Tenho is Helsinki based freelance photographer. He is specialized in commercial photography. He photographs streets of his hometown Helsinki, but also other cities around Europe and world. His pictures explore the moments of everyday life. He always has a camera with him and takes pictures every day, anywhere, at any time. He operates spontaneously and he prefers to let the imagination run free.

Helsinki Street by Tenho


Theofanis is a cinematography student at Aalto University. For him, street photography is a way to explore natural light and urban lighting.

Helsinki Street by Theofanis

Touko Hujanen

Touko is a freelance photographer based in Helsinki and a founding member of the Helsinki Street. Interested in the borderline of documentary photography and art. Passion for the Belle Époque, Chardonnay, techno, Vikings, Chanel LBD, hats, anatolian music, Pre-Socratic fragments, dancing, coffee, love and basically anything that’s a cliché.
He has worked for The New York Times, Damn Magazine, Suomen Kuvalehti and Helsingin Sanomat. He has been awarded in Finland as the Press Photographer of the Year in 2011 and Young Press Photographer of the Year in 2009. He has his master´s degree in visual journalism. He is the founder of the 11 collective.

Helsinki Street by Touko

Tuula Roos

Tuula, a street photographer based in Helsinki, is interested in urban geometry, light, shades, reflections, glimpses of those fleeting moments caught up by the retina, and absurd, sudden events. In the sixties she studied art and design. She has been awarded in international photography competitions such as Metro Challenge.

Helsinki Street by Tuula

Vesa Oja

Vesa is a renowned Photojournalist, he was born in Lahti, Finland in 1953 He studied photography at the Lahti Institute of Industrial Arts in Finland 1973-1976. Since 1978, he worked as Staff Photographer for the leading Finnish national newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, of which he was retired in 2012. In 2013 he completed his long project Finglish – Photographs of Finns in North America, which consists photos and interviews of Finnish Americans and Finnish Canadians. His previous photo book Toinen Eurooppa – The Other Europe, published in 1999, deals with the disintegration of socialism in East Europe and the civil wars in the Balkans.

Helsinki Street by Vesa

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